Terms and Conditions

Coaching is planned according to your needs and the availability of both parties. Every effort will be made to plan far in advance and to make sure every client gets the help they need. If no convenient moment can be found, a part of the order or the whole order may be cancelled. No invoice will be sent in that case.

In case of cancellation from the client’s side less than 1 week before an agreed session or task, 50% of the amount will be invoiced.

In case a client does not accept 3 different proposed times, this is considered as a cancellation. In case a client does not reply to an email within 1 week, this is considered non-acceptance of the proposal. In case a client does not supply materials that the coach requests within 1 week, this may also be considered a cancellation at the coach’s discretion.

Coaching comes with no guarantee of outcome.

Payment is due within 30 days of invoice date. In case of non-payment, all further services are suspended. Invoices are raised by a 10% administrative fee with a minimum of 30 € and a yearly interest of 10%.

WimBTerms and Conditions