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I’m Wim, trainer and coach in Public Speaking. On the title picture, you see me announcing speakers for the TEDx Leuven main event of 2016. For the last few years, I’ve given workshops and prepared speakers for big events.

Check out the video if you want to hear my take on Public Speaking, and why it is an important skill for any professional.

If you have a big speaking opportunity lined up, remember that no one produces top quality results all by him- or herself. We all have blind spots. Let me help you structure your talk, increase projected confidence, use appropriate gestures, be yourself on the stage and so much more.

Prepare your talk faster and better

Work on the 20% that makes 80% of the difference. I’ll help you identify the 20% – fast!

Good preparation begins with a structure that is easy to follow for your listener. That means overcoming the so-called “curse of knowledge”: you have information that your listeners don’t have. That is why you’ll almost certainly skip some steps from their point of view. You need an outsider’s pair of ears to overcome this curse. Let me help you get to a high-quality result quickly.

Consider starting the process today – even if your talk is not entirely finished. There is no point in waiting. Your brain needs time to process the suggestions and let them sink in. We start from whatever you have. Order the help you need on the order form.

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“Wim is a master in the Art of Communication”

Wim is a master in the Art of Communication. A proficiency that he illustrates well and that he conveys with passion onto others. His coaching is grounded in personal pride aiming to deliver the best and strongest message to the public possible, which is a goal that I achieved just recently with his help. Something for myself to be proud of and to use during future presentations…

Peter Claes
Research expert facial genetics, KU Leuven

“He knows how to uplift an audience while delivering a concise message”

Wim has a gift and a passion: he knows how to uplift an audience while delivering a concise message. He loves to bring the best out of people. I’ve worked together with Wim coaching speakers for a big audience. He first thoroughly connects with the speaker and then gives clear ideas on how to improve a speech. He never does this in an imposing way, but always in a mentoring way.

Alexander Van Steenberge
Auditor, Council of State

“He gave me the confidence I needed to succeed”

I had quite a bit of stage fright because giving a talk in English is not that easy for me. Wim not only managed to improve the wording in English, he also helped me deliver a clearer talk by distilling the core message. Most importantly of all: he made me look forward to the moment and gave me the confidence I needed to succeed!

Jan Vermeir
President, Youth group of the Flemish Parkinson’s league

“Wim is very sensitive to the subtleties involved in public speaking”

Wim helped me greatly in preparing my TEDx Talk. With his vibrant and positive attitude, albeit with the necessary critical eye, we succeeded in fine-tuning the details of my speech and the content of my background presentation, as well as improving my personal presentation skills. In particular, Wim taught me to appreciate the timely use of humour in a talk as a way to spark the audience. Wim is very sensitive to the subtleties involved in public speaking, and I learnt a great deal from him. I am confident that this experience and knowledge will serve me well in my future career.

Jan Lenaerts
Polar climate scientist

“He is able to captivate the audience”

Wim is an excellent speaker.  He is able to captivate the audience, and pass a serious message to motivate or inspire his audience by wrapping it in a nice story. He is constantly seeking feedback in order to continue to improve.

Pierre-Michel Durieux
Senior Business Leader, Product Delivery Europe, MasterCard

“Identifying the impact of every word in the audience’s mind”

Wim is a world class speech coach. He gave me feedback on my competition speech and helped me place in the top 30 speakers in the World Championship of Public Speaking, out of more than 30.000 contestants from 142 countries. Wim has amazing skill when it comes to identifying the impact of every word in the audience’s mind. If you want to improve your speech or speaking skills, Wim is the right coach for you.

Ricardo Cabete
Emotional intelligence trainer, European Public Speaking Champion 2017

“Great to work with”

Wim was great to work with. He gave me a lot of important advice, helped me identify the strengths and weaknesses in my presentation, and gain confidence in myself and in the message I was trying to share.

Raphael Esterhazy

“I know Wim as a purpose driven and helping person”

I know Wim as a purpose driven and helping person. With his eye for detail, he knows how to capture an audience. Tools in his box are humor and a non compromising way of getting things done. Ask and you shall receive…

Ivan Faes
General Manager, WinLin


Audience Feedback App

As a speaker, wouldn’t you like to know objectively which points resonated with your audience, which points were enlightening for them etc.? Get a much more detailed result than “the feeling that it went well” by using Minopio – an audience opinion solution developed by Wim and his partners. You can even use live data to decide to clarify a point further or rather move on. If you do this, it becomes very rewarding for your audience as well.

Get a free trial account by contacting Wim or check out the Minopio website.

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